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Getting To Morocco :

Morocco By Air : Major European Airlines run frequent sheduled to Morocco’s main airports at Casablanca – mohamed V ; Marrakech and Agadir , with most flights operating from France and  spain . National carrier Royal Air Maroc ( RAM ) is reliable ; price  are similar to Air France and British Aiways . The cheapest flights are usually with budget airlines Esay Jet  , Ryaniar and Atlas Bleu . Charter flights are another possible cheap option , Run by Package Holiday companies , the fly mainly to Agadir.

Moroccan Airport :  

  • Aérport Marrakech Menara
  • Aérport Casablanca  Mohamed V
  • Aérport Tangier Boukhlifa
  • Aérport Fes Saiss
  • Aérport Agadir Al Massira
  • Aérport Rabat – Salé

Morocco by Ferry :  shortes ferry From Europe To Morocco are from Tarifa , Algeciras or Gibraltar To Tangier  or ceuta . longer corssings run from almeria and sete , France To Melilla and Nador , ceuta and Mlilla are spanish encalves so you actually crosse a land border in africa , algeciras to ceuta is fast but the advantage is lost at the fnideq land border crossing into Morocco , Algeciras To Tanger is the Most convenient crossing ; Tangier


The Riads Experience:


When You’re  in Morocco you have to Stay in The Riad ( Maison D’hot or Guesthouse) gives you the great experience of staying in a samll but fine private medina house.there are hundreds of Riads in the city ( Marrakech , Fes , Chafchaouen , Casablanca , Tanger , Rabat and Essaouira ….) , though estimates vary wildly.Guests are met either at the Moroccan Airport or the edge of the medina .the prices vary enormously , and some are extremely luxurious. Reactions to this type of Morocco Accommodations  are generally very positive . The Riads have created a lot of work for locals( and pushed property prices up ) , so many feel they have stake in the guesthouse system.


Moroccan’s Hamamms :


A ritual purification of the body is essential before Muslims can perform prayers and , in the days before bathrooms , the ‘ major ablutions’ were generally done at the hamam ( bath ) . Segregation of the sexes is of course the rule at the hammam. Some establishments are only open for women , others are for men , must have a shift system , in the old days , the hammam , along witht the local zaoia or saint’s shrine.

Very often there are separate hamams for men and women next to each other on the ground

floor of the apartment building.


Moroccan Food :


1 ) Couscous is the great north africa speciality, Granules of semolina are steamed over a pot filled with a rich meat and vegetable stew. unlike Tunisian Couscous , which tends to be flavoured with a tomato , Moroccan Couscous is pale yellow  . is some families , couscous is the big Friday lunch , an approximate equivalent of olf – fashioned.

2 ) Tagines are stews , the basic Moroccan Dish. it  us actually the term for the two-part the terracotta dish in which meat or fish are cooked with a variety of vegetables , essentially , carrots , potao , onion and turnip.

Moroccan Tagine is everywhere in Morocco it is always good and safe to eatout trekking and in the south , it is the staple of life.


Morocco Travel  Insurance :

Before departure , it is vital to take out full Travel insurance . There is wide variety of policies to choose from , so shope around . at  the very least , the policy should cover personal effects and medical expenses , including the possibility of medical evacuation by air ambulance to your own country . Make sure that is also overs all activities that you might do while away.

Moroccoan Language :

Arbic it the offical language of Morocco . but nearly all Moroccan with a seconday education have enough Franch to communicate with , and a smattering of English in the north, spanish maintains a presence thanks to Tv or Radio , outside education, however, Moroccan Arabic in the cities and Amazigh in the mountains are the languages of everyday life , and attempts to use a few words and phrases.

Morocco Safety :

Morocco is basically a very safe country , although there is occasional violent street crime in Casablanca and Marrakech Tours / Be aware of the various skilled con-artistsin operation in certain places , hasslers various kinds are active at the gates of Tangier Port , and lesser extent in Tetouan , there are all sorts of ruses used by hasslers to extract a littel money from Tourist.

Festivals &  Events in Morocco :

Morocco has a number of regional and local festival , often focusing around a local saitn or harvest time of a particular product , and are fairly recent in origin. The mussems or traditional local festival hace on occasion been banned in local years , the authorities giving as reason the health risks created by gatherings of large numbers of people in places with only rudimentary sanitary facilities and This is some example of Moroccoan Festivals :

  • May : Mawazine Festival ; in Rabat
  • June : Tanjazz Festival
  • Juen : Festival Gnaoua , in Essaouira
  • September : Festival International Du Film , in Tetouan
  • October : Festival Cinématographque de  Marrakech ; in Marrakech
  • Ferbruary Festival of  the « Almond Blossom » in Tafraoute near Agadir
  • April :  Honey Festival , Immouzar des Ida Outanane
  • May : Rose Festival , El Kelaa Des Mgouna
  • June : Cherry Festival , Sefrou