Casablanca Tourist Guide: 

History of Casablanca

Have you known a film that is named Casablanca? Ok .. Casablanca is a city in Morocco. No one knows how Casablanca was originated. It is a secret. Even though, according to Leo Africanus “1494, 1554” who is a Berber Andalusi diplomat author of the book “Description of Africa“, the city named “Anfa” was created by the Romans.

In the early 15th century, Anfa was a target to the Portuguese who made use of it to form a military castle that is called ” Casa Branca” which means the White House in Portuguese. After the Great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755 which resulted in a great tsunami that obliterated the coast of North Africa, the city was deserted.

Under the rule of Alawite Sultan Mohammed Brd in 1760, the has grown and played an important role in global business. 

Places you should visit in Casablanca:

Hassan 2nd Mosque

Assure not to ignore this place and visit it. Hassan 2nd was the king from 1961 to 1999 when he passed away. His mosque is the widest mosque in Morocco. The tower of the mosque is the highest in the world with 210 meters and more than 6000 people built this mosque with its minaret at an altitude of 689 ft.

Being located at the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque is visited by 1000 people every day. Luckily, non-Muslim tourists are allowed to enter into it as a tour group. King Hassan 2nd says about building this mosque that he desires Casablanca to be proud of such construction until eternity. About establishing this mosque on water, he justifies that by saying that “God’s throne is on the water.”

The Corniche

How beautiful it will be to come and stroll along the Corniche, delighting in the Atlantic gentle wind. It is very near to the heart of the city and you can find several cafes and restaurants where you can drink tasty mint tea. 

Quartier Habous

If you want to buy presents and gifts in an ideal place which is not packed with people, then you should go to this place. It is where you can buy conventional clothes from small stores or just sip a mint tea.

Morocco Mall

Casablanca is the commercial center in Morocco. The Mall is the second biggest malls in Africa. It incorporates both small stores and restaurants with more than 600 types. Not only that but also there is a beautiful goldfish bowl and up-to-date IMAX 3rd cinema that presents English language films.

Abderrahman Slaoui Museum

This modest museum presents tourists with a diverse set of Moroccan Art, craftwork, and stickers. Villa des Arts de Casablanca: In this place, several spectacles, from several artists, occur all around the year. It is also free to access. 

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

 If you are interested in the history of Jewish society in Morocco, then you should go to this place. 

Amusing activities you can do in Casablanca: 

Casablanca is a properly constructed modernist city with all the comforts and facilities you can imagine: relaxing, cozy hotels, a multimodal transport technique with wonderful coverage and inclusive substructure.

Most importantly, this is a perfect place to enjoy life. The city bustles with nosiness and affords annual amusement. Come and delight in such conditions of cultural activities, being one of the extremely crowded in the country. Both domestic and multinational celebrities perform at different celebrations, carnivals, performances, exhibitions, and more cultural activities and incidents.

The famous incidents are the Jazzablanca ca Festival, Boulevard Tremplin, and the Casablanca Festival. The city’s effect, spirit glows around the whole area.

So, for sure you must visit the city especially if you like parties or if you are in quest of a lovely time. Nightclubs and restaurants beat up to date fashionable music to engage you in the atmosphere keeping you dancing all night.

Casablanca represents a way of life in which both material and non-material cultures are similarly significant. What are you waiting for? Come and go too far by its delightful, active and dynamic environment and taste a different mood of investigation.