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Multi Day Tours in Casablanca:

Casablanca, the economic heart of Morocco, Is an effervescent metropolis il islo als that loves blending styles. To discover all its nuances, take a stroll through the old medina, the charming Habous quarter and the city center with its impressive Art Deco buildings. before reaching the Hassan Mosque, an architectural wonder built on the water. Then fall into step behind joggers along the new Seafront Promenade.

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Top Attraction in Casablanca 

Hassan II Mosque :
Completed in 1993 and located on a platform overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the iconic Hassan II Mosque is the second-largest mosque in the world.
la Corniche  :
Located in the same region as Hassan II Mosque, La Corniche is a beach front district offering an array of dining experiences as well as pools and beach access.

Old Medina :

Unlike in many Moroccan cities, the old part of town is surprisingly easy to pass by in Casablanca.

 Museum Of Judaism :

This unique museum, being the only Jewish Museum.

in the Arab world, offers an insight into the history.

Sky 28 :

For a taste of luxury and unique beverages, head to the Sky 28

Palce Mohamed V :

Visit to the administrative hub of Casablanca, the Place Mohammed V is a chance to experience first-hand the work of architect Henri Prost.

King’s Palace : Located near the new medina is yet another one of the King’s palaces.

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