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Travel to Chefchaouen Morocco

Nestled in the mountainside, the town of Chefchaouen looks like a postcard-perfect village And a stroll through its narrow alleyways certainly does not dispel this surreal impression.

Those who love the great outdoors, will find what they’re looking for with the many possible hikes in the area and the gites, nestled in the National Parks.

Sahara holiday Tours.provide you various Tours starting from Tangier , Guided Tours from Fes to Marrakech and Chefchaouen, Guided Tours from Casablanca to Chefchaouen, one Day Tour from Fes To chefchaouen , Day Excursion from Tangier To Chefchaouen , and also exciting day Excursion from Fes driving through the lovely countryside to discover the most beautiful regions of Fes.

Things To do In Chefchaouen: 

  • Eat at  Restaurant

After a long day trekking or site seeing, a great meal is a must; even more essential is that visitors try some traditional Moroccan cuisine. An excellent choice is cafe clock  ,Restaurant riad hicham where guests can choose from a menu of international favourites including Spanish omelette, but more importantly, a wide range of Moroccan favourites, from kefta to every kind of tajine and couscous, and all at a very affordable price. Suited to its name, the restaurant has a romantic and enchanting feel which really complements the terrific food.

  • Top Riad Hotels

Morocco’s blue city, is a beautiful city with blue walls and majestic mountains. the blue chefchaouen as rich in history as it is in beauty, Chefchaouen has some great places to stay overnight. as lina Riad , Ryad A&B chaouen, Dar Echchaouen