The Highlights of Tangier Guided Tours

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The Highlights of Tangier

People who are coming to Morocco across Tangier can embark on one of the Tangier Tours. The “Guided Tours from Tangier” are a wonderful experience that you can have in Morocco. They are tours that start from the north of Morocco (Tangier) and finish after exploring the best places in the country from south to east and west.

Tangier is one of the major Moroccan cities. It’s a big city that has a rich history and culture. Tangier is the gateway of two continents, Africa and Europe. It’s one of the cities that everyone has to visit. But, staying in Tangier alone wouldn’t be called Traveling to Morocco. That’s why there are Tangier Guided Tours to all to other tourist attractions in Morocco. There many highlights in the Tangier tours such as the imperial cities Fes, Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakech; the best Sahara Desert Tours ; the Blue City; Essaouira and more. There are also many interesting UNESCO world heritage sites on the list. Morocco has plenty of those.

In this article we will talk about the highlights of the Guided Tours from Tangier.  

The Blue City Chefchaouen

The first highlight of the Tangier tours is arriving at the Blue City Chefchaouen after crossing the Riff Mountains. Chefchaouen is an old Moroccan city that was populated by Andalusi refugees who escaped Spain. The Medina of Chefchaouen has a distinctly Spanish style that is also infused in the culture. The Souk of Chefchaouen is a good stop to buy some works of local artisans as souvenirs.

However, the most special thing about Chefchaouen that makes it a great tourist attraction in Morocco is its blue color; all the walls and buildings are blue and white. The latter thing has made Chefchaouen a very great place for filming and taking pictures. Chefchaouen appears from far away as a blue pearl between the mountains. 

The medieval Medina of Fes

The Medina of the Fes city is a UNESCO world heritage site for many reasons. It’s one of the most important spots in the Moroccan culture. It’s because Fes is the first imperial city in Morocco. The first Sultan Moulay Idriss I built the city back in the 7th century. This city also hosts one of the most interesting institutions in the world; it’s the University of Al Qarawin, the first university in history.

Taking a Fes Guided Tours in the Medina and its narrow alleys that look like a maze is one of the highlights of Tangier Tours. You’ll get also the chance to spend some time in a Moroccan Riad. The Riads are traditional Moroccan houses with courtyards in the middle. They have a traditional design that makes them special.

The old Roman ruins of Volubilis

The Tangier Guided Tours always visit Volubilis which is an old Roman city. The ruins of Volubilis are also a UNESCO world heritage site. There are many archeological buildings in the area including one famous temple of the classical god Jupiter the heavenly father.

Not far away from Volubilis if Meknes city. This city is one of the imperial cities of Morocco. It was built by the Sultan Moulay Ismail, a very powerful monarch. He is the ancestor of the current king. This city has an old Medina just like Fes. Other famous spots in Meknes include the huge Bab Mansour Gate, Lahdim Square, Qarra prison, the big Sahrij Swani pool, and the royal palace.

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The Golden Dunes of Merzouga: the best Sahara Desert destination

The best highlight of the Tangier Guided Trips according to many visitors was the Sahara. Merzouga is the best Sahara Desert Tours in Morocco for various reasons, mainly the good accommodations and fun activities. All the tours include staying in a desert camp, riding camels, partying and relaxing. The dunes of Merzouga are a magical spot.

In the region of Merzouga, there’s also another interesting spot that we need to shed light on. It’s the Toudra Gorges. The canyons and valleys of Toudra are an incredible place that Tours from Tangier visit. These gorges are a good stop for climbers.

To learn more about Merzouga, check out our blog about Sahara tours.

The Majestic Ait Benhaddou Kasbah and the studios of Ouarzazate    

No trip to Morocco would be complete without visiting two of the most famous spots in Morocco. Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, another UNESCO world heritage site, is a famous fortress that appears in many Hollywood movies like Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Kingdom of Heaven and the series Game of Thrones. The iconic architecture of the Kasbah along with the desert landscapes of Ouarzazate have made this region the perfect filming spot for historical and fantasy movies. The studios of Ouarzazate are among the largest studios in the world.

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The Red City Marrakech: Number one city in Morocco

The Red City Marrakech was ranked in 2019 among the top ten tourist attractions in the world. This city is the most equipped city in Morocco when it comes to receiving tourists. Throughout history, Marrakech has always been a place where you can go to explore the exotic Arab World and to party. Marrakech is also known for its lifestyle of parties; there are many great nightclubs and fancy bars in the Ville Nouvelle (the new city) of Marrakech.

The major spots in Marrakech are the Medina, which is a UNESCO world heritage site as well and the Jamaa El Fna Square.  

The exotic atmosphere of Essaouira

Essaouira, also known as Mogador by the Portuguese, is an interesting coastal city. The history of Essaouira goes back to the pre-historic era; there are archeological findings that prove that. This city has always been busy throughout history. The Phoenicians, Jews, Amazighs, Muslims, Portuguese, free slaves and hippies! have all settled in Essaouira. All of that has created a diverse culture that characterizes this place. Essaouira is an artistic city. It’s one of the richest Moroccan cities, where you can meet people from all over the world who want to listen to Gnawa music, buy art, eat fresh seafood, surf or just relax and chill.

Morocco’s pumping heart Casablanca & Rabat

The big Guided Tours from Tangier that take two weeks also include visiting Casablanca the pumping heart of Morocco. This is the most modern Moroccan city; it has an iconic architecture similar to New York. They were both built during the period when Art Deco was the leading architectural movement. The most interesting building in Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque; it’s a wonder of Moroccan architecture.

 Rabat is also included in the list of highlights. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and is one of the oldest imperial cities. The most iconic building is the Hassan Tower, which was built in the 11th century. It was intended to have the tallest minaret in the world, but it wasn’t completed. The uncompleted tower is now one of the most famous buildings in Morocco.

There many other cool spots that we haven’t mentioned like the cedar forest of Azrou, where there are wild monkeys and Asillah one of the neatest coastal cities.

To explore Morocco and visit the places mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.  

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