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Shopping Experience in Morocco

The shopping experience in Morocco is one of the major things that attract people to visit the country. Throughout the centuries, Moroccan cities like Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Chefchaouen and Tangier have always been important trade-centers in North Africa and perhaps even in the world. Europeans used to come to Morocco to acquire goods spices, cloths, embroideries, and many artifacts like brass and leather crafts. The Souks or traditional markets of Morocco are such diverse places, where all your senses are going to be stimulated. They are also the locations where you will find many unique products that can only be found in Morocco such as Argan Oil, Thuya Wood and many herbs.

Nowadays, Morocco still preserves these traditional Souks. In some of the Medinas in Morocco, it seems as if time has stopped in the Middle Ages. The Medinas of Marrakech, Fes and Meknes are considered UNESCO World Heritage sites for their cultural and historical heritage.

All of that is great. But, people also like to shop in a modern spot where they can feel the 21st century. Don’t worry! There are plenty of malls and boutiques in the new towns of the imperial cities.

The shopping Experience in Morocco is a wholesome package, and one of the reasons that drive people to visit the country. Buying exotic souvenirs from Morocco is a rite of passage to many tourists.

In this article, we will explore the sort of shopping experiences that you can have in Morocco. We will see the best places where you can do your Morocco shopping, according to us :

The Shopping Experience in Fes:

Fes is oldest of the Moroccan imperial cities. It has always been, since the 7th century, an important trade center in the North Africa and the Arab World. The Medina of Fes is a great place to buy crafts that are made out of leather, Brass and ceramic. You will find many artisans working in their little shops everywhere, all over the narrow streets of the Medina. Fes has a long tradition of brass working and leather preparation that goes back to the 13th century.

Bazaars are also among the highlights of the shopping experience in Fes. The bazaars of Fes have a wide variety of handicrafts and souvenirs that look exotic. You can get many great decorations that will impress people in your home from Fes.

For a modern shopping experience in Fes, We recommend that you visit Borj Fez Mall. This mall is situated in the modern part of Fes: La Ville Nouvelle. Borj Fez, which means the Fes Tower is a very sophisticated mall where you can find dozens of global brands that everyone knows all over the world.  

Fes is without a doubt one of the best places in Morocco to visit for a shopping experience.

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The Shopping Experience in Marrakech:

The Red City Marrakech has been known throughout the years as a city where you can buy antiques if you’re a serious collector. You can find many credible antique stores and bazaars all over the Medina. You might get something from the 19th century or even older than that. It depends on what you want and how much you’ve got. Getting an old door from Marrakech and turning it into a coffee table would add a special prestige to your living room.

Marrakech has also an old tradition of artisans who make all kinds of beautiful artifacts like leather bags and decorated lamps. Another kind of shopping that you can do in Marrakech is buying a Moroccan Caftan. Moroccan Caftans are very beautiful dresses for women that are made with great delicacy and craftsmanship. You can also shop as a man and get a Djellaba or a Jabador, both of which are very comfortable clothes. You will also find in the Medina shops that sell spices and herbal remedies; some of them are colorful, other have great smells and many other are nice to taste. Marrakech is the city that arouses the senses wherever you go.

Not to mention the new town, which has the most modern shops, restaurants and boutiques. Marrakech is the best Moroccan city for a good reason that you’ll need to discover.

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The Shopping Experience in Essaouira

Essaouira is a city of art. One could even say that Essaouira is, in itself, a piece of art. This coastal city, otherwise known as Mogador by the Portuguese, has an old and a rich culture. There were archeological findings in the city that suggest: people were there since 200.000 ago. The rich history of Essaouira that is entwined with its diverse people (Muslims, Europeans, Jews, Amazighs and Hippies) has created an artistic city. The most important thing about Essaouira is that you can take pieces of this richness with you in the form of souvenirs like paintings, artifacts, and accessories. You can find many vendors in Essaouira all over its old streets and beautiful walls.

The region of Essouira is also famous for Argan, which is a tree that only grows in those lands. The Argan gives us Argan seeds, which, in their turn give us Argan oil. Argan oil is th best natural cosmetic product according to many people. It can be used for the skin as well as the hair. Another product that is just as unique and exclusive to Morocco just like Argan, is Thuya Wood, which is a wood that has a wonderful aroma. This wood is used to make nice many things including little boxes, musical instruments, and the interior of Rolls Royce cars. This wood very expensive all over the world because it’s rare. But, you can get stuff made out of it in Essaouira a lot cheaper.  

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The Shopping Experience in other cool spots in Morocco

The places we have mentioned above are only the coolest spot to get a souvenir. There are many great stops that you should consider.

For example the Blue City Chefchaouen is a cool city, where you can get blue Souvenirs and many other great works of the Northern artisans.

Another example is Rissani the central market of the Sahara desert, where caravans and traders who come from the Sub-Sahara used to gather; this city still preserves this tradition. In Rissani you can get dates and other dry fruit.

Additionally, there’s Casablanca; this city the pumping heart of Moroccan economy; that’s all you need to know. You can visit Morocco Mall in Casablanca, which is the second biggest mall in Africa.

And finally, there’s the imperial city Meknes. The shopping experience in Meknes is very similar to Fes and Marrakech, and it’s less crowded with tourists.

               We will finish our Morocco Shopping Experience guide with a very practical advice: Always keep in mind to negotiate the price of the thing you want to buy, when you’re in Morocco. Haggling is part of the Souk culture in Morocco. Be good at it, and you’ll save money ;).

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article. Leave us a comment on the section below. And feel free to contact us whenever you feel like spending you holiday trip in Morocco.

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