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Things To Do in Erg Chebbi

Merzouga is considered one of the Sahara holiday Tours destinations for many reasons. First of all, Merzouga is very equipped to receive tourists. It’s a town in the Sahara that has many high-quality hotels and desert camps. Secondly, the region of Merzouga is very rich. There are many interesting things to do besides exploring the dunes, although that’s the most iconic thing to do. Your Sahara Desert Tour in Merzouga will be full of surprises and fun activities. You’ll learn a lot about the Sahara culture, explore various natural landscapes and, generally, experience the magic of the Sahara.

In this article, we will explore the top things that make Merzouga the major Sahara Holiday Spot.

Things To See & Do In The South East:

Sahara Desert camps :

The best activity that you can do on your Sahara holiday tour in Morocco is camping in the dunes of Erg Chebbi. After arriving at Merzouga, you’ll ride the camels across the golden dunes towards the camping site. Once you reach in the early evening, you can climb a high dune to see the beautiful sunset; it’s one of the best opportunities to take great pictures. In the camp, you can enjoy all sorts of activities like storytelling, stargazing (the constellations look very bright in the Sahara), or dancing to live traditional music. There are also cooks in the camp who can prepare some amazing meals.   

The Nomadic lifestyle :

 On your Sahara holiday in Morocco, you’ll have the chance to discover the culture of the nomads. Morocco is one of the countries that still have nomads in it. They’re always traveling with their cattle to find food. You can drop by a tent where the nomads are currently settling to drink a glass of the iconic mint tea that they are famous for.

The Sahara food :

Tasting the local food has to be a major highlight of the Sahara holiday. Every visitor has to try the tasty Medfouna, which is referredto as the desert Pizza. It’s a meal of bread, meat, vegetables, and Moroccan spices.  The stuffed dough is buried in the ground with coal; that’s how the meal is cooked. Hence the name Medfouna, which means “the buried” in Arabic.

The music culture of Merzouga :

One of the most interesting things to do on your Sahara Holiday is to attend the live performances of local musicians. The Berber musicians usually hang out in the Sahara camps. They often organize performances in the camps around the campfire where they play drums and chant traditional music. Dancing your way to trance in the Sahara desert, under the stars is a magical experience.

You can also visit the town Khamlia near Merzouga if you want to explore the Gnawa spiritual music of the descendants of slaves. Gnawa music is one of the most iconic genres in Morocco. It’s spiritual music that is used for exorcism. You can attend one of the Gnawa nights, which are events of spiritual cleansing that Moroccans love to do.

The wonderful oasis and Lakes:

The Sahara of Morocco is home to some incredible oases, such as the huge oasis of Tafilalt. Dayet Srji Lake is the best example. You can see there all the characteristics of an oasis as described in the Arabic Nights; there are a beautiful lake and palm trees all over. Flamingos gather around in the lake, which adds beautiful scenery to the lake.

The Majestic Valleys and Gorges :

When you travel to the Sahara of Morocco, you have to go to the Gorges of Toudra. The gorges are situated near Tinghir, which is one of the biggest oases/cities in the Sahara of Morocco. The Toudra Gorges are the highest canyons in Morocco. Many climbers like to challenge themselves by climbing the natural walls of rock.

Toudra gorges are the perfect place to relax. You can have a drink at a coffee shop near the water stream and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

The famous movie studios and the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou :

This region of Morocco has one of the largest movie studios in the entire world. The movie studios of Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou Kasbah are the filming spots for many major movies like Gladiator, Babel, Lawrence of Arabia, and the TV series Games of Thrones.

Your Sahara holiday tour has to include these two amazing spots.

Fun fact: The Ait Benhaddou Kasbah is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a beautifully built Kasbah that has become iconic throughout the world.     

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Spend your Sahara Holiday in a luxury hotel

Besides the desert camps and the natural landscapes of the desert, there are many prestigious hotels in Merzouga. The architecture of these amazing hotels follows the tradition of Kasbah design. They are beautifully built buildings that have an exotic ambiance to them. You can book in one of these hotels to relax and have some drinks in the bar. The majority have a swimming pool, where you can freshen up from the heat.

The Best Time for a Sahara holiday trip to Merzouga :

Spring and autumn are, arguably, the best periods to visit Merzouga.  In the summer it gets a little bit hot, which is hard for some people. And during winter time it’s colder than you’d expect.

How to get to Merzouga?

Our best recommendation is to travel to the Sahara on a private Tour with an agency. These tours provide the opportunity to explore the desert along with visiting many great places in Morocco like the imperial cities Fes and Marrakech. The itinerary of these private tours includes spending at least two days in the Sahara, which is enough to enjoy the desert vibe before heading to a different location. For more info about private tours, please contact us

  • If you landed at the Marrakech international airport, follow these directions.
  • If you landed at Casablanca international airport, follow these directions.
  • If you landed at Fes international airport, follow these directions.

Please leave tell us about your Sahara holiday in Merzouga in the comment section. Have a nice day.

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