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Day Trips from Fes

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Sahara Holiday Tours organizes exciting excursions and Guided Trips from Fes driving through the lovely countryside to discover the most beautiful regions of Fes.

Day Trips from Fes to Meknes, Volubilis

We offer enjoyable excursions discovering the impressive Roman ruins of Volubilis and the holy village of Moulay Idriss. You will be also introduced to the majestic gates, historical sites and underground monuments of Meknes. With your Day Trip to Meknes Volubilis, you will get into the ancient Moroccan culture, traditions and history.

Pick-up at 8am from your Hotel/Riad

Back around 8pm

Day Trip from Fes to The Middle Atlas

On an enjoyable excursion to The Middle Atlas Mountains, Sahara Holiday Tours would drive you through the charming landscapes of the Middle Atlas, visiting the fascinating Berber villages, and relaxing in the cool Cedar Forests, while playing with the funny little monkeys. You will get to discover the remarkable beauty of the Moroccan nature and flowing rivers making the most peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Pick-up at 8am from your Hotel/Riad

Back around 8pm

Day Trip to Chefchaouen:

Sahara Holiday Tours provide you with exciting Day Trips to Chefchaouen, the Blue pearl of Morocco. Driving through the majestic beauty of The Rif Mountains. Get the most unforgettable experience, wandering through the blue buildings and narrow streets of Chefchaouen and relax in the most beautiful natural views.

Pick-up at 8am from your Hotel/Riad

Back around 8pm


With Sahara Holiday Tours and excursions, get the unforgettable experience you deserve!

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