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If you only have limited  time in Morocco, especially in casablanca,you are in the right tour company for your half day tour in casablanca. a tour might be a great way to see a bunch of sights.
there’s many to choose from day tours . our local team will pick-up you from the airport or seaport.. in our casablanca layover tour we will visit the most important attractions in casablanca such as :
 Hassan II Mosque: Assure not to ignore this place and visit it. Hassan 2nd was the king from 1961 to 1999 when he passed away. his mosque is the widest mosque in Morocco. the tower of the mosque is the highest in the world with 210 meters and more than 6000 people built this mosque with its minaret at an altitude of 689 ft. Being located at the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque is visited by 1000 people every day. Luckily, non-Muslim tourists are allowed to enter into it as a tour group. King Hassan 2nd says about building this mosque that he desires Casablanca to be proud of such construction until eternity. About establishing this mosque on water, he justifies that by saying that “God’s throne is on the water.” The Corniche :How beautiful it will be to come and stroll along the Corniche, delighting in the Atlantic gentle wind. It is very near to the heart of the city and you can find several cafes and restaurants where you can drink a tasty mint tea.  Quartier Habous: If you want to buy presents and gifts in an ideal place which is not packed with people, then you should go to this place. It is where you can buy conventional clothes from small stores or just sip a mint tea. Morocco Mall:Casablanca is the commercial center in Morocco. The Mall is the second biggest malls in Africa. It incorporates both small stores and restaurants with more than 600 types. Not only that but also there is a beautiful gold fish bowl and up to date IMAX 3rd cinema that presents English language films. Abderrahman Slaoui Museum:   this modest museum presents tourists a diverse set of Moroccan Art, craftwork and stickers. Villa des Arts de Casablanca: In this place, several spectacles, from several artists, occur all around the year. It is also free to access. Museum of Moroccan Judaism : If you are interested in the history of the Jewish society in Morocco, then you should go to this place. 



We are ready to take you to any place in Morocco. if you’re in a new city at the airport, you can be an easy target for getting overcharged for a ride. miss out on the hassle of waiting for taxis or using public transport by pre-booking your transportation from casablanca mohammed V International airport (CMN) or marrakech airport to your hotel or any other hotel in casablanca, rabat, marrakech, fes , merzouga desert or chefchaouen. with this private casablanca shuttle service. once you arrive at the airport our local team will meet you with a sign featuring your name, and even help you get your luggage to the air-conditioned vehicle.
We provide the best fleet in casablanca ,marrakech and Tangier:
All our comfortable deluxe minivans, and minibus offer maximum comfort, suitable, and, very importantly, our guests’ safety! they are never old. we change them frequently ,that they are the best in the market for long-distance package morocco tours and off-road driving in the sahara desert. please choose your convenience vehicle .we assure you that your comfort and safety are our top priority.
Please get in touch  for more information about your shuttle service in morocco 
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