Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Here you’ll find loads of useful info to help get you prepared for traveling To Morocco

Sahara Holiday Tour’s Choice of Accommodation:

We have carefully sourced the accommodation for our Moroccan Trips. We feel that all of the accommodation on our extensive list of Trips represents and reflects the culture of the towns, villages, cities, and desert regions we visit throughout Morocco. Whether we Arrange Luxury or Standard accommodations, we make sure it is comfortable, atmospheric, and full of character. It is important to us that the accommodation connects with and reflects authentic Moroccan design and personality. Our Morocco tours are authentic and full of character, and it’s important that the accommodation we use is an extension of this.

At S.H.T we believe that, as you begin and end your day, your accommodation should provide you with some Moroccan bliss.

Can we Book our Tours when we are already in Morocco?

Of course! you can book whatever you want when you arrive to Morocco.
You can contact us via WhatsApp: +212666955165 or email []

Is visiting Morocco safe?

you do not have to worry about safety, the government in Morocco is very strict when it comes to tourists’ safety since Tourism in Morocco is one of the biggest contributes to the economy, so to answer your question, if any of the trips are not safe, the government automatically shuts it down for us to get permissions for the trips, so if it is not safe we can’t even book it for you if we book it for you it means its totally safe.

Do you need special Clothes for Morocco Desert Trips?

At the time of booking you will be advised what you must bring with you, for the excursion to Morocco in particular, we recommend that you bring Sports shoes and a jacket or a sweatshirt depending on whether your stay is during winter or summer.

What are the booking and payment methods for the Tour?

You should first book and Confirme your Reservation, the Company will send you the PayPal Invoice to pay the deposit of 30% of the Total Amount. the balance will pay it when you Arrive to Morocco. then you can pay it to the driver by cash en Euros or Dirhams.

Moroccan SIM card:

In Morocco, one of the most common ways for travelers to connect to the internet is to use public WiFi or some other WiFi hotspots in places like coffee shops, hotel rooms, shopping centers, and even at train stations. However, the problem with public WiFi is that it is only available in certain areas, usually a login is required, and because of many users’ sharing, the connections might be slow. If you would like to have internet access wherever you go and whenever you need it, it might be a good idea to consider getting pocket WiFi or a SIM card.

How to Request a Tour Price?

Prices for our Sahara holiday Tours with pre-existing itineraries are available on Request. Prices vary according to the numerous factors involved in a tour. For example, the number of guests in your party, the time of year you are traveling, and any additional experiences you might wish to incorporate into your package. All of these variables make it unrealistic for us to list specific prices in advance. For this reason, we ask that you please contact us regarding the tour you are interested in so that we can quote you an accurate and fair price.

Terms Of Cancellation for Your Tours

If you wish to cancel your tour in Morocco, we must receive a confirmation via e-mail. Cancelation is possible within the following conditions:

– 45 Days or more before you’re the start date of your Trip: 100 % refundable.
– 2 weeks : 50% refunds.
– 1 week or less: not refundable