Morocco Excursions

Lying on the north-western part of the African continent, Morocco is advantageous not only in its geographical position, being a mere 14.5km away from Africa, but also in its unequivoqually enchanting history, aromatic cuisine, vibrant culture and mostly mild Mediterranean weather.
The Moroccan Kingdom is the perfect destination to mark the commencement of your next exotic adventures, easily making this guide one of the most exciting multi day tours out there!

Our Casablanca excursions coupled with Fes, Tangier and Marrakech Day Trips and Guided Morocco Trips will let you in a one of a kind adventure exploring the most beautiful towns in the Rif Mountains, the narrow streets of the old medinas, the bejewelled palaces and the beautifully carved cedar wood of its holy mosques. With Sahara Holiday Tours, you will be provided with day-light excursions in some of the most preserved historical cities where the Andalusian heritage and long-gone empires are
left frozen in time.

If you have something specific on your mind, you can always book a customized Morocco private excursion,perfectly aligning with your desire. Our equipped agency is ready to provide you with the best services under the care of professional drivers and local guides ready to introduce you to what even the locals might have not explored yet. Embark on a fun-filled and relaxing day trip with our travel agency.

Do not hesitate to make any additional inquiries you have heard to us. Contact Us via email and book the Morocco day trip that best satisfies your desire.


Experience the Best Casablanca Day Trips: Explore Morocco’s Hidden Gems and Cultural Treasures. Plan Your Adventure Now!

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The red city Marrakech

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