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The Best Things To Do in Morocco

There is no limit to what you can do in Morocco. This country is famously known for its exotic flavors and scents, breathtaking views of dunes in the Sahara desert, and castles and Kasbahs of ancient times that still tell stories of the people of old!

Here you will find your local’s guide to the best things to do in Morocco. Starting from visiting the ancient medinas of Fes and Meknes city, followed by a visit to the amazing waterfalls of Ouzoud on our way to Morocco’s pride and joy, the Red city: Marrakesh.  Our journey will then take us to the deep south of Morocco, to the Sahara desert and oases. We will make a few stops here and there to let you know about the beautiful Essaouira city, and Chefchaouen city, Morocco’s pearl of the north.

You will find more about the best things to do in Morocco as you read on!

Visit the pearl of the north: Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen city is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It is located in the north of Morocco along the Rif Mountains. This city is so famous for its blue-washed houses and streets. One of the best things to do in this city is to explore its souks and shops, and enjoy discovering the artisanal products of the north of Morocco!

Visit the medinas of Fes & Meknes!

The medinas of Fes and Meknes are two protected UNESCO World Heritage sites. The history of the medina of Fes dates back to the 7th century. One of the best things to do in Fes city is to explore the remains of this history by walking through the maze-like streets of the old city, discovering its souks and galleries, and savoring the famous Moroccan couscous. In Fes, you will find the oldest university in the world: Al-Qarawiyin and many other ancient constructions of unique architecture.

On your way to Meknes city, you will find the ruins of the ancient Roman city Volubilis; it is a wonderful historical landmark that is worth seeing!

Meknes city was once the capital of Morocco and an important center of trade and commerce. There is still much of its commercial and handicraft activities in the old medina. Make sure you take a walk in Lahdim square and venture in the souks, you may find something very interesting to buy as a souvenir!

Watch the breath-taking waterfalls of Ouzoud

The waterfalls of Ouzoud are the most amazing waterfalls in Morocco. They are located in the region of Azilal, just a couple of hours far from Marrakech city. One of the best things to do in here is to sit down to a nice meal right in front of the waterfall! Try out the famous Moroccan Tajine!

Visit the Red city: Marrakech

Marrakech city, also called the Red city, is an iconic Moroccan city. It is one of the best tourist attractions worldwide. Marrakech is a warm, lively and colorful city. It is a nice place to be at any time of the year.

Visit Djema el Fna to behold the wonders of Marrakech. This square is a hub of commercial and artistic activities. Magicians and snake charmers make their performances to the unique sound of the medina. This place becomes even livelier at night! There are many open-air food stalls that have a wide variety of famous Moroccan food like Tanjia.

There is so much to see in Marrakech! Visit the ancient royal palaces of Bahia and el Badia. Take a walk in the gardens of Menara, and experience of the beauty of Majorelle gardens! Most importantly, wander in the narrow alleyways of the medina and explore its shops and souks! For more fun, make sure you try out the Moroccan hammam, it is a true healthy experience!

If you want to explore more of the city in a fun way, take a ride on a horse cart! 

Stay at a Riad !

Riads are the best place for you to stay if you want to be in touch with the medina. Riads are mostly smaller than hotels, friendlier and more traditional. The interior is designed in the old Moroccan style: a palm tree and a fountain in the middle of the court, many small rooms and windows, mosaic and authentic Moroccan zelij.

Visit the beautiful Essaouira City

Essaouira is a beautiful city on the Atlantic coast located a couple of hours west of Marrakech. It is a popular destination for beach lovers and surfers. Once called Mogador, this city’s history has bestowed a unique character on the lifestyle of its people. This city is home to the international festival of Gnawa music, which attracts thousands of visitors every year! And, Game of Thrones was shot in this city!

Camel Trek in the Sahara Desert!

Some of the most beautiful desert sceneries can be seen here in Morocco. There are many tours and excursions to the Sahara desert.  And of course, the most exciting thing to do in here is to ride a camel and watch the sunset, later at night, camp and enjoy food and Moroccan tea around the campfire, watch the countless stars, spend the night in the Berber tent and wake up to the peaceful silence of the Sahara desert.

The Moroccan south is quite charming! There are many beautiful valleys like Toudra Gorges, and oases like Fint. In these valleys, you will not fail to notice the beautiful old constructions called Kasbahs. If you happen to be in Ouarzazate city, do not miss your chance to visit the Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou, one of the most beautiful Kasbahs in the world!   

To explore all of the places mentioned in the text, checkout this Sahara desert tour from Tangier.

If you would like to know more about what to do in Morocco, please feel free to contact us!

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